Large frame with extra wide spread arms for people with large heads. Like New condition – No surface scratches on the lenses whatsoever. Case in photo NOT included. You can view the listing here: Discussion in ‘ Classic Menswear ‘ started by teabiscuitsales , Jul 20,

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HolmesHandbook of corning optics serengeti managementLibraries Unlimited, p. This corning optics serengeti is listed for sale on the Bonanza website. Serengeti sunglasses include tinted photochromic and polarized lenses. The Serengeti Drivers series sunglasses featured Corning glass lenses to enhance vision regardless of weather conditions and designed for the often rapidly changing light conditions of the road.

Lots of life left!

Comes with a case. Wings are Bausch and Lomb’s futuristic interpretation of the classic aviator style. These corning optics serengeti not your Serengeti sunglasses of today which are sold in the mass market; rather they reflect the high quality frame construction and Sersngeti lenses for which early Serengetis were known.

The most famous of all Serengeti lenses are the Corning optics serengeti Vermilion SS lenses made by Corning Optics of Corning optics serengeti glass fame during corning optics serengeti ownership of the Serengeti brand.

Serengeti SS sunglasses with Corning lenses were marketed as “the first all weather, high performance sunglasses”. Unisex design with a 24K gold plated frame. Single lens is made of lightweight but super-tough polycarbonate. Take comfort in knowing that one’s trash could be your treasure! Vintage Serengeti Equinox copper sunglasses totally exude the high quality frames and lenses for which vintage Serengeti sunglasses were known the world over.

Activate the Lenses That Change by wearing in Bright sunlight for several hours. Engineered for active outdoor use, these Sportsman Glasses offer superior optical quality. This is a classy pair of sunglasses.

Mirrored glass amber top and bottom gradient lenses. Brown tortise plastic top frame with clear bottom frame and gradient changable lenses.

Superior Technology

Serengeti Eyewear ground and polished glass lenses provide clear, distortion-free vision. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Large frame with extra wide spread arms for people with large heads. Retrieved from ” https: Note the changes in pattern as you move down the copper ear stem and the precise and finely detailed etching that corning optics serengeti just opticd from the hinges.

Width of the front of the frames: I cannot find anything wrong with the lenses. Lenses by Corning Optics.

Vintage Serengeti Sunglasses For Men and Women

Serengeti’s exclusive photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions. Only issues are cosmetic. See our entire corning optics serengeti of vintage Cazal sunglasses all on one page in our Cazal sunglasses listing gallery.

All vintage Serengeti sunglasses that have original Corning glass lenses provide unsurpassed visual acuity through optical serengegi that is molecularly engineered into the glass itself and thus does not wear out or wear off. Brown tortise plastic frame with brown changable lenses from corning optics serengeti clear to medium brown. Comes serrngeti original case. Frame made in France, lenses made in USA. Vintage Serengeti Corning optics serengeti Millennium Zenith sunglasses from the Drivers series feature a tortoise shell and etched antique gold metal frame coupled with those amazing Corning glass lenses that you will only find in vintage Serengetis from the s.