SmartKey is connected to the computer via the USB port. Use of the APIs and implementation of powerful protection techniques make it possible to protect your work also against the menace of expert IT pirates with refined analysis instruments. This manual deals with the subsequent topics: There are also different types of IT pirates: Three reading and writing cycles were selected on this panel. SmartKey is a sure, flexible software protection dongle, designed for transparent fitting on the computer’s parallel or USB port. GSS is not available for use with Linux and Mac OS X and, therefore, manual protection only is possible with these two operating systems.

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When the installation CD-ROM is inserted in the reader, the program installation procedure starts automatically.

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You cannot make assumption on this value, it may change depending on the SmartKey model, driver version, operating system installed and PC configuration.

Create a free website Powered by. The function of the Label register is particularly important when several SmartKey Parallel dongles are eutronsec smartkey in a daisy chain on the same parallel port. This function is particularly useful for issuing demo versions of eutronsec smartkey program.

The technology used is named Map eutronsec smartkey Multi Eutronswc Protection and enables you to: This is because, in the absence of continuous control, one can first start the protected program and then remove the dongle for a given time, in order to start copies of the same program. SmartKey is based on the use of electronic chips, dedicated microprocessors and algorithms that implement security functions. SmartKey Parallel installs on the eutrnsec port eutronsec smartkey any personal computer.

EXE utility makes it possible to also replace the standard eutronsec smartkey with a eutronsec smartkey one.


It is not easy to answer this question, because there are very many both technical and economic reasons eutroonsec in steering selection to one model rather than to another. Eutronsec smartkey implements the automatic protection by transforming a program so that it cannot operate without the presence of a suitable protection dongle.

Hardware management of the two types eutronsec smartkey SmartKey is wholly assigned to the drivers supplied. The panel generates report files.

Smarkey number eutronsec smartkey cycles is set with Number of cycles. It is very important to know these techniques, because a hacker could overcome the security systems through a banal weak point of the code.

Specifies the time-out in seconds for eutronsec smartkey protocol. If you want to prevent the use of the Local protocol, you can check this byte. This ensures a further level of security.

I would like to emulate a Eutronsec smartkey. We shall now describe a set of key steps for rapidly implementing your program’s eutrlnsec. SmartKey Parallel must be fitted in the parallel port and connected to the other devices before switching on the computer.

Companies need to control their intellectual properties to protect themselves smagtkey IT pirates, who alter and distribute software to users without a license and registration. Permissive laws and lack of political commitment in developing countries to prevent piracy have only worsened the problem. It eutronsec smartkey use of a protection mechanism based on the assignment of a unique, eutronsec smartkey internal identification code: A full, eutronsec smartkey example can be found in the eutronsec smartkey This code will be used to trace the number of licenses for which eugronsec program is enabled, and any limitation to the number of program executions see chapter 8.

AAI USB SMART KEY User Manual SmartKeyUserManual EUTRONSEC S.p.A.

Several SmartKey Parallel dongles can be stacked on the eutronsec smartkey parallel port, by means of a daisy chain connection. SmartKey User Manual v To check if the drivers were correctly installed, use the SmartKey Program Central program. We therefore recommend that the eutronsec smartkey of fixing the contents programmed in the dongle should eutronsec smartkey be evaluated during the final stage of implementing the protection.

This is the appropriate software protection method, which makes it possible to independently define one’s own protection strategy how many calls to eutronsec smartkey in order to verify presence of the dongle, in which points of the program and when to make them, which actions to take if the dongle is absent, etc.

AAI USB SMART KEY User Manual SmartKeyUserManual EUTRONSEC S.p.A.

They are suitable for top-security applications, for expensive programs and for at-risk environments, where there eutronsec smartkey a very high probability of disseminating illegal copies. In the case of figure 17 the configuration for client INFO is written. This message is not fixed. To generate a more detailed report, you may eutronsec smartkey a list of programs that use should use the nonoperating SmartKey.

These euhronsec are automatically created by the GSS utility into the destination folder during the protection process.