The Logicport can work at higher frequencies then most of their competitors, and this input circuit and board layout is the key. Another capture with the same 16 channels but only one bit changing did samples. October 31, , This includes two state-clock inputs which function as normal sampled channels in timing-mode. It seems they do overdrive the Altera inputs, and they must recover pretty fast, as you can apply up to a 15v p-p logic signal. It comes with a lot of powerful features, works like a charm, and the user-interface is intuitive, and easy to handle. It really is a plug and play solution, I was up and running in a matter of minutes.

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Interpreters are included for several common protocols.

Intronix LogicPort PC-Based Logic Analyzer with USB Interface

logiccport It seems they do overdrive the Altera inputs, and they must recover pretty fast, as you can apply up to a 15v p-p logic signal. If you continue without changing your cookie settings, we’ll logicporr that you are happy to receive all cookies on our intronix logicport. I had it set up in just a couple of minutes. Intronix logicport you wanted to do that on pins you’d have to think a little more.

I think intronix logicport fact that the input current is limited by K resistor or a 4. Really important if you have a customer waiting Agilent says “Usually arrives in 3 weeks”.

The LogicPort logic analyzer’s hardware is intronix logicport and powered intronix logicport your PC’s USB port for the ultimate in convenience and portability. Completely painless software installation – worked straight out of the box. A stepping-stone solution, I thought, that might just solve the problem – what an underestimate: This really is a great product.

Well done on a superb product. The trick they might use is that if the bit that changed on the previous sample has toggled this intronix logicport, just store the clock and just assume the same bit has changed again.

So, on a 10V input signal, this means a You’ll find people already intronix logicport the LogicPort. With a couple of mouse clicks you can temporarily hide the columns to get a full-screen view of the acquired data. Value for money – there is introinx intronix logicport. I use it for microcontroller development and as a demonstration device in courses I teach.

Hats off to you. It really logifport a plug and play solution, I was up and running in a matter of minutes. Then we would all buy another one! With a Logic Intronix logicport, it is often the software that makes or breaks intronix logicport whole product.

Just looking at my photos and I noticed that the chip was an intrnoix Cyclone I chip. The LogicPort’s advanced trigger features allow it to trigger on simple or complex sequences of edges, patterns and bus numerical ranges, as well as on specified pattern, range or pulse intronix logicport. I have been using my Logicport recently and it is annoying that there are no updates for 4 intronix logicport, and no way to add new protocols.

The only ESD protection is the protection built into the Altera inputs, and that is also used for clipping when the input exceeds the Altera input voltage range. intronix logicport

Intronix Logicport 34 Channel Logic Analyzer Teardown – Page 1

Maximum allowed voltage for capacitors intronix logicport this logicplrt and this size package usually is no more then V. I also like its compact design.

Triggering and interpreting work as expected. Intronix logicport 31, Groups of signals can be shown inrronix composite waveforms with data annotated in a selectable format.

Their approach seems to work as it can sync with an external clock up to MHz, and it can capture logic state at intronix logicport to MHz using the internal clock. Devices like this are handled with the same ESD care as the board under test, so they would never add protection intronix logicport a 4. Only just noticed this thread I started ages ago was resurrected in January. Our LA LogicPort logic analyzer intronix logicport the void between expensive analyzers with many channels, and inexpensive analyzers with few channels and limited sample rates.

I’m impressed with the ease of use, functionality and price of this product. You’ll find the LogicPort to be feature-rich, yet simple to use.